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An IATI Organisation file was downloaded from on Thursday, 23 May 2024 at 04:32PM UTC.

  • Name of the file: IATI-CoVE-sample-organisation-standard.xml
  • Number of organisations: 1

Valid against Schema

Congratulations! Your data is valid against IATI Organisation Schema version 2.03.

Valid Embedded Codelist Values

Congratulations! Your embedded codelist values are all valid

Valid Non Embedded Codelist Values

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The following files are available to download:


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Generate a private d-preview site with the IATI xml. For preview purposes only. Data will not be uploaded to the main live d-portal website.

Generate a d-preview

After 7 days all uploaded data is deleted from our servers, and the results will no longer be available. Anyone using the link to this page after that will be shown a message that tells them the file has been removed.

These results will be available for 7 days from the day the data was first uploaded. You can revisit these results until then.


Merge indicators by title

This function will merge together any indicators in the result block, that share the same title. No other data will be altered or changed. This function is designed for instances where multiple periods exist within the same result/indicator, but are not uniquely referenced in the IATI standard or CoVE spreadsheet.


How to use IATI CoVE

Upload, paste or provide a link to data in the IATI Data Standard format, and this application will convert between .xml, .xlsx and .csv formats, allowing you to download the original file, and the converted versions.

You will also be able to inspect key information from the data that the application is able to find, so that you can check the data.

This tool will:

Check your data is valid. When it passes these checks, you will know that it is formatted for re-use.

It will not:

Check your data is accurate.

Check the data against your own open data policy.


The application accepts data in these formats:

  • XML - according to version 2.03 of the IATI schema
  • Spreadsheet - Excel, CSV (UTF-8, Windows-1252 and ISO-8859-1 encodings supported) - see sample data

Sample data

IATI CoVE works with data in different formats.

Try these to get started try these:

More Information

What happens to the data I provide to this site? 

Why do you delete data after seven days? 

Why provide converted versions?